Super Secret List


Asset Valuation and Marketing, Inc.
*Assurant Valuations (Formerly eMortgage Logic)
Broker Price Opinion
Clear Value Consulting
     * Computershare
     * Consolidated Analytics
     * Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services
     * Old Republic Services Solutions
     * Summit Valuations
     * SWBC Lending Solutions
     * Valligent
Five Brothers Mortgage Company Services
***Goddman Dean
***Green River Capital
JEM REO Resources, Inc.
Nations Valuation Services


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** request information via contact form (make sure you keep track of requests)

*** send email

? – requires a pre-test (read BPO Standards and Guidelines first)

$ – may charge a fee for preference

$$ – will charge a fee (not recommended you do this)

# – site will charge for a background check but the good news is some sites will accept that copy