What’s the Real Secret to Making Money with BPO’s?

There is a fair amount of information about developing a BPO business. And much of it is designed to get you to purchase a product such as automation software.

Depending on your proficiency, you can whip them out and make it a reasonably profitable business on its own.

But there is an additional opportunity to make money for the savvy agent.

Read Charles Rutenberg Careers – bpo-business Click Here You can find his website here; CharlesRutenbergCareers.com but the site is quite dated with no visible BPO information.

This was written back in 2004 by Charles and much of it is still applicable today.

Charles touches on, in my personal opinion, the great opportunity in doing BPO’s.

Now to be fair to myself, I’d discovered this myself and could have taken credit for discovering it, but in reality, nothing is really new in real estate; it’s just a whole new group that discovers that same secrets from those that have gone before.

Read it and see if you can discover the secret!

I have some ideas on how to expand on the secret but I’ve not had an opportunity to test it out, primarily because I’ve been getting myself adjusted to my new brokerage, but I hope to over the next couple months or so.


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