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BPOaccess has 3 levels of membership;

Please sign up for a FREE account prior to purchasing the Silver or Gold level access. 

Please let us know here, if you have any problems. 

* BPOaccess is only available (and useful) to licensed real estate agents. If we cannot verify you are a licensed real estate agent, your access will be removed.

Free Level Membership

  • Basic Video Training to see if Broker Price Opinions are for you.
  • Information to get started (coming soon)
  • MUST register for a Free Account First

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* Please read important registration information below prior to joining the Silver or Gold Levels

Silver Level Membership – $29.95

    • Amazing list of 50+/- direct links to sign up for BPO Companies – many links are virtually impossible to find on your own
    • Resources to help you learn more


Gold Level Membership – $49.95

    • Super Secret Hyper list of the handful of Network Sites that saves you even more time by signing you up to multiple BPO sites at once
    • Resources to help you learn more


*If you have joined as a FREE member you can purchase access to the Silver or Gold Membership Level at a later time.

If you join using the Silver or Gold Membership Level, your payment will be processed immediately but you will still need to register as a Member. 

Once joining via the Silver or Gold Membership Levels you will receive a confirmation email, upon clicking on the confirmation email you will directed to BPOaccess’ registration page to become a member.

Upon registering as a member, you will be automatically directed to the list level that you have purchased.

**As a member, all information will be made available to you with the ability to copy and paste that information for your use. It is important that you register to as many sites as quickly as possible as access is only granted for 6 months! 

The information provided is considered informative and educational in nature and as such.

***Please note: the providers listed in the Gold Level Access have publicly stated they are “Network” sites, meaning they represent multiple companies listed in the Silver Level Membership. Some but not all of these have been verified.  We will verify these as soon as possible.